A perfect Italian adventure

A perfect Italian adventure 1

There is nothing better than to spend your holidays in Italy which is famous for picturesque canals, gorgeous ancient bridges, remarkable squares, dreamy villages, elegant shops, magnificent lakes, Gothic royal palaces, architectural wonders, soft sun, endless hills and gentle breeze. If you dream about the perfect Italian adventure then focus on luxury vacations. These types of tours usually offer the best hotels, the finest restaurants, private excursions and exclusive programs. No wonder that luxury tours have gained breathtaking popularity worldwide. We have designed this luxury tour for those who want to get the best of the best. Discover the Italian splendor and elegance with us!


A perfect Italian adventure 2

Day 1.

Your journey will start in Venice. This unique city is also known as the Queen of the Adriatic. You will enjoy a private walk and see Piazza San Marco, the stunning St. Mark’s Basilica in Venetian-Byzantine style and the Doge’s Palace, a 15th century Gothic building. The Venetian art is admirable! Do you know that Venice is famous for canals and unique history? This day you will discover the hidden treasures of Venice and learn more about the Venetian Empire. After sightseeing you will enjoy supper and spectacular sunset at one of the best restaurants.


A perfect Italian adventure 3

Day 2.

Welcome to Sardinia! This wonderful island is famous for its splendid beaches. Without doubts, Sardinia is one of the most picturesque and fabulous places in the world: white sand, turquoise waters, stunning mountains, ancient villages, great weather and fantastic sea views. You will visit the Emerald Coast with its hidden coves and wild shores. It is a favorite resort of many celebrities as it contains some mysteriousness and is a perfect place for inspiration.

Day 3.

On this day you will discover ancient Sardinia and see Nuraghi, old stone towers. These extraordinary structures can be found only on Sardinia. You will admire over 7,000 examples of Nuraghi. Later on, you will see magnificent ruins of the Roman amphitheatre in Sardinia. On a private guided tour you will discover unique culture, history and traditions of this island. Sardinia is a special mix of wild beauty and exclusive villas, ancient Roman ruins and fashion boutiques, Gothic cathedrals and medieval alleys, gorgeous sunny beaches and amazing grottoes. This place is a paradise for gourmets, photographers and spa lovers. Did you know that this island has the best spa hotels in the world? After dinner you will enjoy spa-treatments at the best Sardinia’s hotel and feel yourself like a queen or king.


A perfect Italian adventure 4

Day 4.

Your next destination is Bologna which is the culinary capital of Italy. This place is the home of traditional Italian dishes: the world famous Bolognese sauce, Spaghetti Bolognese, Lasagna and tortellini. After your delicious adventure you will see the University of Bologna that is the oldest university in the world. During your private excursion you will have the opportunity to visit Zanarina – a chocolate shop. Have you ever seen chocolate towers or chocolate iPhones? You will be amazed by numerous chocolate masterpieces in Zanarina. This chocolate shop is for judges of chocolates! In the evening you will enjoy cooking classes and learn how to prepare traditional Italian dishes.

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