Recall that Cheapplanetickets is still a search engine. And we do not sell tickets, but are looking for places and companies where you can purchase them online.

Please refer to the partner with whom you issued the ticket. He will help you, he will send tickets again.

In the event that when entering data on the partner’s site you indicated an incorrect or inactive e-mail, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of agencies on the page . You can also remember who you bought tickets from, from the bank statement or by SMS (it indicates who the recipient of the payment for the tickets is), as well as the conversion history in your browser.

Find the agent who booked the ticket and phone him.

What is the first and last name, dates of the route and direction. The operator will find your reservation and send the itinerary receipt to a new e-mail. does not issue flights on its own. We are looking for the cheapest flights, and our partners are engaged in booking and selling air tickets.

In order to make a ticket refund or rebook it, you need to contact the agency from which you ordered the flight.

Check the mailbox indicated at the time of booking, find the letter from the partner with the route information, it contains the contacts of your agency. The letter arrives on the day of booking and if you do not find the letter, check the spam folder.

In the case when you entered the wrong or idle e-mail when entering data on the partner’s site, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of agencies. Find the agent who booked the ticket and phone him. What is the first and last name, dates of the route and direction. The operator will find your reservation and send the itinerary receipt to a new e-mail.

It often happens that the passport has already expired or you just filed documents to apply for the first travel abroad in your life, but here you find cheap tickets. And the point is that you do not have relevant passport data on hand. So how do you book tickets at a bargain price without a passport?

In fact, most foreign airlines only need the first and last name in Latin, as well as contact information (phone, email, address). Very rarely requested date of birth. Absolutely, you can buy tickets at Lufthansa, EasyJet, AirBerlin and WizzAir airlines without a passport.

It is important to note that some carriers have spelling errors in the spelling of the name. Mistakes are not particularly excusable for Asian airlines. In countries using hieroglyphs, changing one letter changes the whole meaning and sound of the word. The most stringent in this regard is China Southern Airlines. They have the right not to let a passenger aboard the aircraft due to a misspelling of the name. Also, Vietnam Airlines does not make mistakes in the ticket, but allows you to change the data when paying a fine of 15 euros. However, changes can only be made at the Moscow office of the airline no later than 7 hours before departure.

Brief and accurate information about booking airline tickets online booking tickets

Book your tickets in advance, at least 2-3 months before departure. The sooner you book your airline tickets, the cheaper your plane ticket will cost.

When booking your tickets online, use a Visa or Master Card. Or electronic money – it’s cheaper. Booking tickets via the Internet is an safe procedure, the main thing is that under no circumstances should you tell your credit card number to unauthorized persons!

Ordering round-trip tickets are much cheaper. Often the cost of a one-way ticket is practically the same as the round-trip price.

Try to book a plane ticket on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. These days, as a rule, you can buy tickets cheaper than on weekends or Mondays.

Try searching for flights to nearby dates. It is possible that ordering airline tickets for the near date will cost you significantly less. Use the price calendar on our website – in it, you can see the airfare for neighboring dates.

Try changing the city of departure/arrival. It often happens that it’s more profitable to book a ticket from a neighboring city and get to it by land transport.

To book a cheap flight, regularly monitor prices and special offers of airlines. To do this, subscribe to our newsletter and we will regularly send you the latest information on airfare prices.

The ticket must be paid within 24 hours of booking. Otherwise, the reservation will be canceled.

To return or re-book airline tickets, contact the agency where you ordered a plane ticket. Moreover, the sooner you notify the agency about this, the better. You can find the agency’s contact details in the confirmation letter of your flight reservation.

Time is money. In the case of airline tickets – this statement is true one hundred percent. Let’s remember how the search on works.

You want to fly to Barcelona. We select the departure city, departure date and click the “Find” button. In the next 30 seconds, your request flies around dozens of agencies and each of them offers a price. Then we select the best seller and show it to you.

Now imagine that we process at least 1,500 such requests per second. At peak hours, not all agencies cope with so many calls and simply do not transmit their best offers.

Now let’s see what the peak hours are. It would seem that the best time to search for tickets is the evening when no one bothers and you can meditate on the map. But no. Most of the requests we receive during working hours. That is, instead of “Iksels” and “Word” you open and dream about summer vacation.

So it turns out that the best chance of catching the best price is when future travelers are stuck in traffic or sleeping. Namely. At this time, the maximum number of agencies responds to your inquiries, which means a chance to find the best airfare is higher.

CheapPlaneTickets does not sell airline tickets

We find the best option for you, and you choose where to buy a ticket. The purchase is carried out directly on the website of the partner company that posted the offer you like.

We do not charge fees

We also do not set margins and do not take any rewards from our users. Agencies pay us to attract customers to their websites. CheapPlaneTickets just shows you which of our partners has the best deals, so you don’t overpay for a ticket.

We have a large base of partner companies

And you have a huge selection of routes, promotions and discounts. We search and compare prices for a variety of sources, given stocks and special offers. We have direct connections with airlines and agencies, so new tariffs and discounts instantly appear on CheapPlaneTickets.

Our list of partners includes only trusted and reliable companies.

We value your trust and understand that our reputation depends, among other things, on the reliability of our partners. CheapPlaneTickets works only with trusted companies and recommends that you travel around the world with them.

In case of any problems with the purchased tickets, we recommend that you contact the partner companies from which they were purchased.

List of our partners

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  • Airbaltic
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  • Bangkok airways
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  • Budget air
  • Byojet
  • Chabooka
  • Citytravel
  • Clickavia
  • Condor
  • Ctrip
  • Emirates
  • Eticket
  • Etihad
  • Euroavia
  • Firefly
  • Flightkz
  • Flug24.De
  • Flysiesta ru
  • Geruxx
  • Goodru
  • Goo2see
  • Jet2
  • Jetstar
  • Justtravel
  • Klm
  • Kupibilet
  • Kyrgyzstanair
  • Lcair
  • Lionair
  • Lot polish airlines
  • Nabortu
  • Air asia
  • CheapOair
  • Easy jet
  • Ebookers
  • Expedia
  • Flycouk
  • Tripair
  • 9588
  • Nokair
  • Nordstar
  • Oneaero
  • One travel
  • Onetwotrip
  • Opodo
  • Ozon
  • Pegasus Tour
  • Pososhok
  • Qatar Airways
  • Razlet
  • Ryairair
  • Sindbad
  • Skytours
  • Biletdv
  • Svyaznoy
  • Talarii
  • Tickets
  • Tigerair
  • Tiketcom
  • Trego
  • Tripsta
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  • Vayama
  • Vivas
  • Voyanga
  • Vueling
  • Wegolo
  • Wego
  • Yakutavia
  • Zuji
  • datravel
  • Hainan

Contact the agency or airline through which you purchased the ticket. Details will be reported by air ticket sellers.

Different airlines have different rules for returning and changing data on airline tickets. More information can be obtained directly from the agency or airline through which you purchased the ticket. As a rule, you will be offered to use the locosters to issue a refund of a previously purchased ticket and buy a new one at the desired dates at a discount.

The conditions for returning a ticket depend on a large number of factors:

  • airline;
  • rate;
  • how much time before departure is returned;
  • agency policy.

All this information is available in the tariff information. You can get acquainted with it directly in the process of booking a specific ticket on the website of the agency or airline.

Without a passport, you can safely buy tickets for flights Lufthansa, WizzAir, EasyJet, AirBerlin. As a rule, if you need a passport number to buy tickets, you can change it, and the name in Latin is most often impossible. Therefore, first select the ticket that you like, and then call the agency or airline that sells it. Specialists will help you with this issue.

Unfortunately not. In our search agencies offer tickets only with clear dates of departure and return.

CheapPlaneTickets has been operating in the airline search market since 2007. For 8 years, we have developed the practice of thorough verification of the companies with which we cooperate. All agencies in our search can be trusted.

On average, favorable ticket prices appear 90 days before departure. The closer the departure date, the more expensive the tickets. Especially the price increase is noticeable during the holidays and summer season. In this case, you need to buy tickets as early as possible.

CheapPlaneTickets is looking for cheap flights from 728 airlines around the world, including low cost airlines

Often buying tickets through an agency is cheaper than through the airline itself. The fact is that agents buy tickets from airlines in bulk, respectively, the cost at a significant discount. Someone has more, someone less. More airlines cooperate with different reservation systems on different conditions and sell tickets at different fares. Together with the margin of the reservation system itself, again, completely different prices are obtained.

You can use the Low Price Calendar . Check all possible months and the desired trip duration to find the best tickets. Green highlighted the cheapest options. Click on them and learn more about the offers found.