Five Tips for Vacationing on a Budget in St. Pete Beach


A Florida vacation doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, it shouldn’t. By planning out a budget and having some flexibility, you can score the vacation of your dreams for a dirt-cheap price! Just follow these tips, then sit back and relax, as you wiggle your toes in the sand while soaking up the sun in paradise!

Be Flexible with Flights

Studies show that flying out on a Wednesday is the cheapest way to go. Next to that – Tuesday and Sunday. Granted it’s not ideal for some to fly midweek for a week-long vacation, but a Tuesday through Sunday trip to St. Pete Beach certainly affords you the opportunity for plenty of sightseeing.

Try Alternate Airports

While Tampa International Airport is the largest airport in the Tampa Bay area, it may mean a $60 cab ride to St. Pete Beach each way. Before you schedule your flight, check out St. Petersburg-Clearwater Airport. It’s a much smaller airport that’s 17 miles away, rather than 29. Often times you can find outrageously good deals on airlines there such as Allegiant Air, such as $55 trips from Ohio. The key here is being flexible with your scheduling.

Check for Shuttle Services

Whether you fly into Tampa International or St. Petersburg-Clearwater, both offer shuttles to select hotels on St. Pete Beach, such as a Don Cesar. Your best bet would be to either split a four-person cab ride or ride a shuttle to the Don Cesar, and then take a separate cab ride from the Don Cesar to your St. Pete Beach Condo.

Stay in a Vacation Condo versus Hotel

St. Petersburg Beach Rentals offer far more convenience than the area’s overpriced hotels. Plus, in a hotel, you’ll have to eat at restaurants or order room service. The cost can add up, big time. By staying in a condo in St. Pete Beach or a nearby Treasure Island Rental, you can have your very own, fully-furnished kitchen, with a full-sized refrigerator, stovetop oven, microwave, and dishwasher. You can prepare all meals for the family at the condo, or just breakfast and lunch, saving dinner for the area’s fabulous seafood restaurants!

Visit Off-season

While it’s far more attractive to visit Tampa Bay’s beaches in April, you’ll get the cheapest rates during the off-season – from August through December. August is still plenty hot, and September produces a fabulous breeze off the water. You’ll still have plenty of warm weather, and it will be far less crowded. Imagine saving up to $500 on fare just by picking a better month to travel!

By: Laine McKenna

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