My Day Out At The Jorvik Viking Centre

A little bit of history about the Jorvik Viking centre, when you visit the Jorvik Viking centre situated in Yorkshire you will be overwhelmed by its authenticity as the Jorvik Viking centre was created due to the Coppergate excavations. The Coppergate excavations took place from 1979-1981 carried out by York Archaeological society on the hunt for treasure and knowledge. The site was traditionally used as an old sweet factory but once archaeologists started digging on site they soon discovered the remains of 10th Century Viking buildings. The moist surroundings that encompassed the buildings helped preserve the buildings and its content including wood, metals, cloths and many more materials, overall an amazing 40,000 objects were unearthed.

My day out in Yorkshire at the Jorvik Viking Centre started out with a little hesitation into how the Jorvik Viking centre will actually keep me entertained and engrossed in the Viking era. On entering the Jorvik Viking centre I was immediately encapsulated back into the medieval ages. The centre is certainly a whirlwind of emotions that carry you throughout the day such as excitement, apprehension and discovery.

As I began walking around the Jorvik Viking centre I was able to see, touch, smell and hear everything that I was surrounded by, making it a must-see attraction for all. Children are bedazzled as they are taken back to a time when animals and humans would sleep together, mothers are relating to the Viking mothers working endlessly in the kitchen and the fathers are in owe of the masculine male authority figures that surround the family.

Throughout the day there are a range of activities that anyone of any age can get involved with, such as meeting a Viking -interacting, watching, smelling and hearing a ‘real’ Viking or catch a ride around the centre and see for yourself how the Vikings lived. With its great facilities throughout the Jorvik Viking centre any age or disability can get involved. Though to make sure you and your family will be correctly catered for before your visit.

The afternoon was drawing closer and I was in need of refreshments and a place to sit and rest my weary legs from all the discovering I was doing. Jorvik Viking centre has on-site catering service offering light snacks and drinks to keep your energy levels up for the second half of your excursion through the amazing Viking world. Situated in Yorkshire the Jorvik Viking centre has a host of local produced treats ready for you to taste.

Overall the Jorvik Viking Centre is a great Yorkshire family day out. It caters for everyone and you will spend your day being entertained, educated and bewildered over the amount of things to see, smell, do, touch and hear.

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