Where To Stay In Bangkok

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Bangkok accommodation gives your dream destination hotel rooms. Do you want to go to a place where your vacation will be filled with fun activities from dawn to dusk? Would you like to stay at cozy and comfortable accommodation rooms of your choice? Bangkok accommodations offer a great range of gorgeous hotels that are centralized as well as equipped with modern facilities. Visitors to Bangkok can enjoy a dynamically placed exotic hotel where they can take off to experience the nightlife, shopping, sightseeing or feasting on a variety of delicious Thai dishes. With world-class sports facilities, leisure havens and entertainment galore, the City of Angels opens out a wonder world with a heavenly Bangkok accommodation where you can rejuvenate and let time stand still as you explore the natural side of an ancient yet refreshing city.

Natural Entertainment in Bangkok

As this vibrant city throbs with all things great and small, visitors staying in beautiful Bangkok accommodations can stroll through the ever-pulsating streets and escape to a world of natural calm in lush sanctuaries. As a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy city, guests staying in great Bangkok accommodations can take their families or have a romantic rendez-vous at the lovely parks in the City of Angels. With wonderful facilities, the parks are equipped with activity centers and landscaped gardens providing visitors with pure air and a pleasurable sojourn. As the oldest and the largest park in Bangkok, the Lumpini Park evolves over more than half a million square kilometers and has various animal and bird life. As a gift from King Rama VI to the people of Bangkok, the Lumpini Park dates back to the 1920s and is named after the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal besides being a place of events and happenings.

The Chatuchak Park on the northern side of Bangkok has something for everyone and the Santiphap Park offers a wide range of activities to the locals as well as the guests from specially chosen centrally located Bangkok accommodation. The Sanam Luang (the Royal Field) is situated at the heart of old Rattanakosin city and is still an eventful place that houses significant ceremonies. Visit Queen Sirkit Park and discover the delightful Botanical Garden, the Children’s Discovery Museum and the Lotus and Water Lily Yard. Structured to commemorate His Majesty, the King’s 50th birthday, the King Rama IX Park is also known as the Garden of the Great King where visitors staying at a lovely Bangkok accommodation will find the famous Ratchapreuk trees whose color reflects the royal yellow color of the King.

The Rommanee Garden refreshes the visitor staying at a unique Bangkok accommodation to explore a reflection of the various regions of Thailand housed in a beautiful botanical garden with a water park that is a conservation center for aquatic life. With the Sanam Rat as another lovely zone in this park, tourists can find a gamut of unique displays where travelers can relax at a cool getaway. The Santichaiprakan Park, the Benjasiri Park and the Romaneenart Park open out lush places to rejuvenate and enjoy the natural entertainment of Bangkok.

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By: Allen Jones

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